Jerry Seinfeld nitpicks apart one of the most common baseball phrases ever

Try thinking about this baseball phrase the same way after hearing Jerry Seinfeld take it apart. 

Jerry Seinfeld is different from the average person in countless ways. But to New York Mets fans, he is part of the long-suffering group just like everyone else.

Seinfeld got to meet Keith Hernandez on Seinfeld and is also able to directly interact with the Mets legend and team announcer Gary Cohen. It was Cohen who drew the comedian’s attention this week as Seinfeld used his classic logic to call out a common phrase that may need changed.

Jerry Seinfeld is here to re-write baseball vernacular

It is impossible to argue with this point. However, every baseball fan has likely heard “down to their final strike” too many times to count over the years. It is a part of the baseball vernacular and commentators likely don’t give it a second thought.

Leave it to one of the best comedians of all time to pick apart such a simple phrase. It is easy to focus on stuff like this as well because the Mets are once again set to miss the postseason, even with the expanded format. The team enters Friday with a record of 26-31 and that may kickstart a major transition for the franchise now that Steve Cohen has purchased the team.

Seinfeld’s tweet seems like it came right out of an episode of the show. But even this may be too specific for a national audience. Unless George put together a good rant during a presentation to his bosses at the New York Yankees about why this phrase should be banned. Maybe he could have landed a job in the booth.

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Nitpicking life is Seinfeld’s speciality and hopefully the Mets announcers have some fun with his critique. It provided a few more smiles than the actual team this season.

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