Cubs were only team to have a perfect COVID-19 free regular season

Cubs were the only team to have a perfect COVID-19 free regular season. 

The Chicago Cubs may not have been the team to secure the best record in the MLB’s shortened season, but they earned another distinction that in 2020 is quite a thing to be proud of. According to Russ Dorsey, a Cubs beat writer, the Cubs were the only team to have a COVID-free regular season.

Regular-season is the distinction because, of course, we haven’t entered the post-season yet.

The Cubs clinched their appearance in the playoffs this weekend and earned the NL Central championship title, their sixth Central title and third in the last five seasons.

Jason Heyward had a COVID scare

The closest the Cubs came to a COVID-19 case was a scare to Jason Heyward, who was pulled from the team after symptoms arose. It was later determined not to be COVID-19 and he returned to the team.

“Because this came out of nowhere, I was concerned about having COVID and being around my teammates and other people and endangering them at the time,” Heward told the Chicago Tribune when he returned. “Regardless of the result, it didn’t matter to me. I just knew that something wasn’t right.”

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We’ll see if they hold on to that record through the post-season as well.

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