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Yeah, we totally jinxed Lucas Giolito’s perfect game bid

Don’t pretend you’re innocent in all this! Below is a short list of all the pundits at fault for the A’s picking up a hit on Lucas Giolito

The White Sox righty was dominant through 6.1 innings, only to have his perfect game and no hitter attempt fall through thanks to a single from an unlikely source in Tommy La Stella. Yes, that guy.

I’m willing to take some blame, as our staff was ready to write up a quick recap of Giolito’s legendary performance. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. For a brief moment there, we all forgot there was another baseball game happening in Minnesota. I’d like to apologize to the Twins and, yes, the Houston Astros.

On behalf of all my media friends, I’m sorry. There was no way to avoid this phenomenon. When a pitcher is throwing a perfect game in the postseason, people notice. We cover baseball for a living.

Giolito’s performance still among the best in recent memory

Giolito still gave his team every opportunity to get out to an early lead in a best-of-three series. Not to mention, he already made history once this season. Perhaps it wasn’t his turn, given that fact.

The White Sox and Athletics series was deemed a toss-up by Vegas, and it’s easy to see why. Neither team was playing particularly well heading into the playoffs, and despite the White Sox advantage on paper, they’re actually the lower-seeded team.

Please forgive us, White Sox fans. Oakland, you’re welcome. Congratulations for having a better lineup than the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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