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CC Sabathia rips Carlos Correa for calling out Astros critics

CC Sabathia is no fan of the Houston Astros, and he didn’t take too kindly to Carlos Correa’s comments to the team’s critics.

The Houston Astros are the most hated team in MLB after being found guilty of using cameras to illegally steal signs during the 2017 season, the very year that the organization won their first-ever World Series. Houston wasn’t exactly too apologetic, which only angered the 29 other ball clubs and their fanbases more. One of the more combative members of the organization was shortstop Carlos Correa, as he cussed out opposing players for being what he called “clueless.”

Correa didn’t endear himself to the masses this past week, as he unleashed a cocky diatribe to his haters after the team swept the Minnesota Twins, proven postseason underachievers. This not only caught the ire of baseball fans, but also former New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia. During the latest episode of his “R2C2 Podcast,” the retired pitcher unleashed on Correa, whom he called a “clown.” Check out his passionate comments in the video below.

CC Sabathia has been furious with the Astros ever since MLB’s investigation

Sabathia brings up valid points. The Astros finished the truncated season with a 29-31 record, and the entire batting order underperformed. In normal years, the Astros would have missed out on the postseason. But given that this campaign is being played in the middle of a global pandemic and that the season was shortened to 60 games, the league expanded the playoffs to 16 teams, which allowed them to enter. Then, they beat the Twins, who have lost 18 consecutive postseason games, which made Correa’s braggadocios behavior that much more perplexing.

The former Yankee was furious with the Astros organization ever since the league unveiled their findings in their investigation. Sabathia felt that the Yankees’ best chance to win the World Series was in 2017, where they fell to Houston after a seven-game ALCS. After hearing all the explicit details of Houston’s sign-stealing set-up at Minute Maid Park, Sabathia said the Yankees were cheated out of the World Series.

Correa has to know that he needs to live up to those over-confident comments. Sure, it might fire up the troops in the locker room, but he’ll look quite foolish if Houston were to be eliminated in the ALDS against the Oakland Athletics.

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