Cleveland Indians troll bandwagon Yankees fans with Browns-Cowboys scoreline

Despite having just lost to the Yankees in the Wild Card series, the Cleveland Indians took their shots

Yankees fans are notoriously some of the more boisterous in baseball. The Bronx Bombers have accomplished more than any franchise in MLB history, with 27 World Series titles and an ungodly number of pennants. Because of this, they’re also among the most hated teams in all of baseball, and not just in Boston.

The Yankees are essentially the Dallas Cowboys of baseball. They have fans everywhere. The reputation that follows Yankees fans outside of the New York metro area is that they’re bandwagon supporters. Fair or not, it’s similar to that of the Cowboys. Over time, Yankees fandom has spread across the country.

Cleveland knows this, and as a classic small market team playing above their weight, they took a shot at the team that just ended them in the Wild Card series on Twitter with an all too familiar comparison.

Is it fair or foul for Cleveland to take a shot at Yankees fans right after they were eliminated?

It’s foul, but who is really going to call them out? Yankees fans who dare comment on this tweet will come across as whiners, and the rest of baseball and the sports landscape will find it amusing. That was the end goal of the Indians, which is why the social team approved this mindless trolling attempt.

Yankees fans had their fun at the Indians expense in the comments section. What’s even better is the Cowboys made a run at this damn thing, surely making the Indians fear that their tweet would end up on Freezing Cold Takes.

The Indians should’ve known better than to put their full faith in the Browns. Hell, they should know better than anyone.

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