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LeBron James showing Joe Kelly and the Dodgers love on Instagram is perfect

After the Los Angeles Dodgers took down the San Diego Padres in a thriller on Wednesday night, Lakers star LeBron James took to Instagram to show the team love. 

What a night it was on Wednesday for Los Angeles Dodgers fans across the country. Up 1-0 in their NLDS showdown with the San Diego Padres, LA was able to hold on for a heart-stopping 6-5 victory in Game 2. Now, they’re just one win away from heading to the NLCS once again.

How could things have gotten better for them after that huge victory? Well, the one and only LeBron James decided to show the team some monster love after things wrapped up.

LeBron James and the Lakers are one win away from capturing the NBA Finals crown

What makes James honoring the Dodgers on his Instagram story even more epic is that he just had to use the Joe Kelly photo where the Astros hurler is trolling the Astros. Seriously, how can anyone hate on LeBron right now? The man is killing it both on and off the court.

Speaking of on the court, James and the Lakers are up 3-1 on the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals and will look to wrap up the title in Game 5 on Friday night. While Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro and the rest of Miami will look to play spoiler, all eyes will be on King James to see if he’ll be able to land himself another NBA Finals ring.

Meanwhile for the Dodgers, they can send the San Diego Padres home with a win in Game 3 on Thursday. All things are going great for LA’s postseason teams right now and you better believe James is hyped beyond belief.

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