Manny Machado, Eric Hosmer just hit back-to-back homers off Clayton Kershaw (Video)

The San Diego Padres smashed back-to-back home runs against Clayton Kershaw to swing momentum in Game 2 against the Dodgers.

The San Diego Padres are not going down without a fight. After falling behind 4-1 to the Dodgers in Game 2 of the NDLS, they hit back-to-back home runs to make it a game again.

First up was Manny Machado, who gave the Padres some life with his home run to get it started.

He was so pumped he literally threw his bat and shouted an expletive that was caught on the broadcast.

Machado’s enthusiasm was shared by Eric Hosmer, who unloaded on Kershaw on the next at-bat, putting his team within one run of the Dodgers.

The San Diego Padres made things interesting in the sixth inning

The Padres were looking dead in the water falling behind 4-1 after losing to the Dodgers 5-1 on Tuesday. With Kershaw taking care of business on the mound, their hopes of avoiding the 2-0 series deficit looked slim.

Of course, Machado reminded them why they signed him to such an enormous contract while Hosmer hit his first home run since 2015.

It’s now anybody’s ball game.

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