Brian Snitker is as confused as the rest of us about having fans at NLCS

Brian Snitker doesn’t quite understand why there are fans at NLCS

MLB has opted to allow fans at Globe Life Field for the NLCS and, eventually, the World Series. 28 percent of the stadium could be filled, meaning up to 11,500 socially distanced fans will be allowed to watch baseball at its best.

Freddie Freeman, for one, embraces this opportunity.

“It’s going to be fun,” Freeman said. “This what it’s all about: We play this game for the fans. And for a quarter of the stadium to be able to come in to see baseball again, it’s going to be awesome. Hopefully everything continues on the right track with COVID … and hopefully we can put on a good show for those 11,000 people who get to come.”

Is having fans at the stadium worth the risk for MLB?

Snitker is just confused as to the layout of these fans, and how MLB plans to keep them socially distanced throughout a seven-game series.

“It’s going to be as different as not having them maybe. I don’t know where they going to put them, how spread out they’re going to be. I don’t know if they’re still going to pipe in the crowd noise,” Snitker said. “It’ll be a nice sign to see people in the stands that we’re trending in the right direction.”

Texas state law allows for sporting events to host fans. While it’s not at full capacity, the risk/reward factor is something Rob Manfred has weighed heavily, only to decide that the financial gain is worth it.

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