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Carlos Correa stays hot and pulverizes Pete Fairbanks fastball for home run (Video)

Carlos Correa decided to end the shutout vs. Pete Fairbanks in a big way

Carlos Correa unleashed the fury on Pete Fairbanks‘ fastball on a monstrous solo shot.

Down 3-0 in Game 2 of their best-of-seven series, the Houston Astros needed a spark offensively to keep pace with the best regular-season team in the AL. Despite their relative anonymity from a roster standpoint, the Tampa Bay Rays have been one of the most dominant clubs in one-of-a-kind MLB season. Too bad Correa doesn’t care what you or anybody thinks about him at all.

America is hoping the Rays can end the Astros’ season in San Diego

Whether or not this was ever their intention, the Astros are baseball’s most hated team. Yes, they have somehow surpassed the New York Yankees as the most collectively despised club in baseball. When it comes to the disdain placed on Houston, few players get criticized as much as Correa does. Along with second basemen Jose Altuve, they’re the faces of this reviled team.

But you know what? If you want to beat Correa and the Astros, pitchers like Fairbanks need to do a better job of keeping him in the yard. The Astros could be down in a 2-0 series hole and in need of winning four of their next five to get back to the World Series if they can’t win on Monday evening. Tampa Bay is a great team, but even the Rays know they can’t let the Astros back in this.

If you don’t make a good pitch to a Houston slugger, the Astros will make you pay for it.

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