Fernando Tatis Jr. drops weirdest quote ever after Padres NLDS loss

Fernando Tatis Jr. believes this is just the beginning for the Padres and he used the weirdest analogy to explain why.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is a wizard on the baseball diamond. He makes diving catches look easy. He can smash the ball out of the park. He can turn a double play with the best of them.

When it comes to spinning analogies, he might need some work.

After the San Diego Padres lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLDS, Tatis tried to explain why he believes 2020 was just the beginning for his team.

“You know what the fun fact about this, in a certain way, we’re still a virgin,” Tatis said, according to San Diego Union-Tribune beat writer Kevin Acee.

Fernando Tatis Jr. may be right about the Padres, but his analogy needs work

Maybe that’s an expression used in the Dominican Republic?  It’s certainly an unusual way to describe a sports team.

To be fair, the Padres are a relatively inexperienced outfit when it comes to the playoffs. Their 2020 appearance was the club’s first since 2006. By beating the Cardinals in the NL Wild Card Series, they won their first playoff series since 1998.

Perhaps Tatis is just a fan of Madonna, whose iconic song “Like A Virgin” begins with the lines, “I made it through the wilderness/Somehow I made it through/Didn’t know how lost I was/Until I found you.”

The message fits as the Padres emerge from a decade-long playoff drought thanks to the stars they’ve secured on their roster.

Tatis is already a stud at 21 years old and Padres fans are certainly glad to have found him. Manny Machado was an MVP candidate at 27 and looks worth every penny San Diego pays him.

The core of the team should be together for years to come.

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