The Astros are finding clever ways to get beamed in the postseason (Video)

The Astros are finding clever ways to be beamed in the postseason.

Pretty much everyone hates the Houston Astros and we saw a lot of that hate being played out over the shortened 2020 season. Over the course of the season, it felt like pretty much every team took aim at throwing at various Astros players. Now in the postseason when the fire has died down a bit the Astros are still getting beamed … but in a whole new way.

Poor Andre Scrubb took a foul ball to his side while peacefully sitting in the dugout (next to an iPad, ahem) when George Springer’s foul ball made it’s way to his location.

This is obviously not the same as the regular season throws we saw from people like Joe Kelly but it still made some of those Astros haters smile nonetheless.

Astros are trying to force a Game 6

At press time the Astros were leading the Rays by just one run in the seventh. They were hoping to stave off elimination once more as they dominated on Wednesday night to force a Game 5.

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