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Mookie Betts trade terms must now include free tacos (Video)

The Mookie Betts trade just got even better for America

Well, minus Red Sox fans. Yes, imagine trading Mookie Betts, a generational talent, to avoid signing him to the massive contract he deserves this offseason. It’s been talked to death, but Boston’s decision-making process was purely financial, and not logical. Betts brings in revenue, and without a true superstar on their roster, the Red Sox aren’t built to contend, and thus the brand suffers.

Reminder: this is the same ownership group with a commanding stake in Liverpool F.C., which just won the EPL. They have money to play with.

I could drag the Red Sox all night, but I won’t. Because we should all be celebrating Mookie’s greatness. He did just win us free tacos after all.

Betts single-handedly scored the Dodgers third run of Game 1

After stealing second, Betts managed to take advantage of Tyler Glasnow’s long windup a second time and took third on a double steal. Shortly thereafter, he took off for home on a grounder and slid around the tag over Rays catcher Mike Zunino.

The Red Sox acquired Jeter Downs and Alex Verdugo for Betts and David Price, who has yet to make a start for the Dodgers since. Verdugo looks very good, and could be a building block for Chaim Bloom. Downs has yet to make an impact in a major league uniform.

There was no getting fair value for Betts and that’s fully the point. When the Red Sox opted to trade him, they were “getting what they could” for a player who has the potential to be the face of the game. We’re seeing that truth play out for Los Angeles right before our eyes.

But hey, enjoy the free tacos, along with Verdugo and Downs. Hope it was worthwhile.

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