Astros fans showed up to the World Series just to troll the Dodgers, Rays

Astros fans showed up to the World Series just to troll the Dodgers, Rays.

It must be a really hard year to be a Houston Astros fan. Your team is the most-hated in all of baseball and they didn’t make it to the World Series. Well, for these four Astros fans, that didn’t keep them from showing up to Game 3 of the World Series in full Astros regalia just to troll the team they were eliminated by (the Rays) and the team who lost the most during their cheating scandal (the Dodgers).

Let’s begin by saying we don’t actually know why these guys are there. They could be huge baseball fans who just want to enjoy a game. But that’s not as fun to pretend, is it?

The Astros are usually the ones getting trolled

The Astros have been trolled throughout the 2020 season with many teams hitting their players and the fans taking every chance they can to troll the team, even by renting a plane to fly over the Dodgers game calling them cheaters.

Now it’s the Astros fans turn to troll two teams intertwined with their history.

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At press time the Dodgers were leading the Rays 3-0 in Game 3. Follow along with FanSided MLB for all your live World Series news and results.

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