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Kenley Jansen gives awful quote on why he didn’t back up catcher in Game 4 loss

After the wild Game 4 loss, Kenley Jansen was in no mood to discuss why he failed to back up Will Smith in what proved to be a costly mistake. 

Game 4 of the World Series turned out to be one of the most wild endings to a contest we’ve seen in quite some time. Unfortunately for Los Angeles Dodgers stud hurler Kenley Jansen, it’s a bottom of the ninth he’s going to want to forget immediately.

That’s because the veteran righty not only gave up the game-tying hit to Brett Phillips, but he also made a terrible mental mistake which helped the Rays end up winning the ball game in walk-off fashion. In case you missed it, Phillips tied the game with his clutch single, but then a fielding error by Chris Taylor opened the door for Randy Arozarena to make his way home.

However, Arozarena tripped halfway home, and it looked like he was dead in the water. But, the ball then slipped by catcher Will Smith, and Jansen wasn’t backing him up, looking on aimlessly as things unfolded instead. Arozarena then got up and sprinted home to give Tampa Bay the win. So, what was Jansen thinking?

Kenley Jansen’s response to mental mistake in Game 4 will not please Dodgers fans

All Jansen had to say was it doesn’t matter? Seriously? For everyone who has played baseball, backing up the catcher is one of the first things you learn in little league. Jansen just watching the play unfold as it happened was totally unacceptable, and his response after the loss was even worse.

While we’re not saying had he backed up Smith it would have saved the game for LA, but we’ll never know now will we? Jansen has always been clutch for Los Angeles, but in Game 4 of the World Series, he really blew it.

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