John Kruk is losing his mind and Joe West isn’t helping (Video)

John Kruk isn’t playing around in the Phillies broadcast booth

Kruk’s a beloved member of the Phillies family, and as much of a homer as you can get in the modern broadcast booth. He unapologetically bleeds Phillies blue and red. That’s why, in the heat of the moment as the Phillies try to hold off the likes of the Brewers and Reds in the National League playoff race, he lost his marbles.

Kruk’s rant was one of a kind, and it was aimed directly at Joe West, who has a habit of making tough calls in unforeseen circumstances. West technically made the right call here, if we’re going by the book. Per the MLB rulebook, Alec Bohm made contact with the catcher on his backswing, which allowed the runner to advance to second base. That isn’t allowed, which is why he was called out. Kruk’s point is valid, though, as there’s no real way for Bohm to avoid making contact with the catcher in this scenario. His backswing wasn’t prolonged by any means.

Kruk hasn’t been happy with the Phillies effort over the past few games

I’ll just let the tweets do the talking:

After his latest tirade, Kruk was concerned he cursed on live television. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. All the young viewers at home can keep their earmuffs off.

I’m not sure how much more of this Kruk can take, though.

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