Terrifying details emerge about Tommy Pham stabbing incident

New details have emerged about Tommy Pham after his stabbing

San Diego Padres outfielder Tommy Pham was rushed to the hospital last night after he was stabbed following an altercation outside of a local nightclub. More details continue to emerge about Pham’s condition and what exactly happened that night, and every new tidbit makes the whole situation even more frightening.

Omari Fleming of NBC San Diego is reporting that Pham was attacked by a group after an argument at Pham’s car. Pham’s slash wound was determined to be nearly a foot long and five inches wide, showing how lucky he was to escape major injury.

Whether those details are exactly precise or not, Pham avoiding serious injury is a minor miracle. The exact severity of the wound was reported by TMZ.

Tommy Pham was a part of a Padres team that made it to the NLDS

After becoming a sabermetrics darling with the St. Louis Cardinals and putting together his best season with the Tampa Bay Rays, Pham was sent to San Diego in a trade that brought Hunter Renfrow over to Tampa. Pham took awhile to get going, hitting .211 with three home runs in 31 games. However, Pham was a key part of a Padres team that featured stars like Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. while making the playoffs for the first time in over a decade.

While that incident sounds horrifying, it appears Pham managed to escape any sort of serious, career-affecting injury. The Padres have described Pham, who is projected to start in the outfield for San Diego in 2021, as being in “good condition.”

This situation could’ve ended tragically, especially considering the size of Pham’s wounds. The fact that he is healing and in such good spirits after this incident makes him an incredibly lucky individual. Hopefully, his wounds have healed up by the time Spring Training comes around and he returns ready to get San Diego into the postseason again.

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