5 realistic Aaron Judge trades the Yankees should consider

Trading Aaron Judge might seem like a crazy idea, but the Yankees could actually improve their roster if they dealt the All-Star outfielder. 

Most Yankees fans desperately want to see Aaron Judge retire with the franchise that drafted him. There is, however, an alternate universe where Brian Cashman decides to cash in on the injury-prone outfielder. If the Yankees did actually make Judge available in a trade, it’s quite interesting to consider the sorts of offers that might be made for his services.

Admittedly, the chances of Judge being moved this offseason are almost zero. It’s not a complete impossibility though. One certainty is that New York will not let Judge go without receiving a massive haul in return. That means a current star and another potential star must come to the Bronx in any plausible scenario. Only a few teams have the assets and the potential motivation to meet that asking price.

If the Yankees receive one of the five following realistic offers, they should strongly consider pulling the trigger on a seismic trade.

5. Yankees finally land Francisco Lindor

The idea of the Yankees being interested in Lindor is nothing new. The thought that Judge could move to Cleveland to help facilitate the deal is a shocking thought at first.

The Indians would love to bring some star power to Northeast Ohio to help fill the vacuum created by Lindor’s departure. Judge would also give them a power bat capable of keeping their lineup afloat. That’s all the Indians really need if their starting pitching lives up to its full potential.

The interesting question is whether or not Lindor would be enough to get a deal done. He’s slated to hit free agency and will require a massive deal to extend his stay in the Bronx. Judge has an extra year of team control which would offer Cleveland significant savings. Ultimately, the Indians might have to include a high-quality prospect to push this trade over the top.

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