St. Louis Cardinals: 3 free agents to sign and 1 to avoid

The Cardinals can make a real splash in free agency this offseason and become an elite team once again.

The St. Louis Cardinals have a chance to be big spenders this offseason. Whether that is possible after lost revenues in 2020 remains to be seen.

Assuming the team wants to compete, there is big money coming off the books this offseason that can be used on new players. Yadier Molina and his $20 million salary is gone, as is Kolten Wong’s deal worth just over $10 million in 2020.

While Molina could be brought back for one more year, there is a more intriguing option waiting to be signed.

3. J.T. Realmuto

This is arguably a huge long-shot given the lost revenues this offseason. However, it is possible the market craters in a way to where J.T. Realmuto could be a free agent who accepts a deal that is still large but not nearly as much as it could be in a normal year.

This is still a list of who the Cardinals should sign, so Realmuto remains on the list. He could be signed to a backloaded deal and instantly step in to replace the aging Molina. Realmuto is the elite catcher on the market and is going to command a major deal.

He may also be frustrated and only looking at winning teams after spending his time with the Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies during his career.

Realmuto is a career 19.5 WAR player who can become a cornerstone on the Cardinals. The key here, once again, is the market going down and the Cardinals swooping in to get the catcher on a deal that doesn’t break the bank in 2021 and 2022 when revenues should begin to level out, assuming the best.

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