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This Phillies-Indians trade for Francisco Lindor could actually work

The Phillies want to keep Bryce Harper happy, and what better way to do that than acquire Francisco Lindor

Lindor would come at a steep price, but not one the Phillies are incapable of matching. Should Philadelphia be in the mindset of spending to improve their team, they could theoretically re-sign JT Realmuto long-term this offseason AND add a talent like Lindor with the hope of locking him up as well.

The Phillies infield is fairly decent, with Jean Segura teaming up with Alec Bohm. However, the team now has a hole at shortstop, with Didi Gregorius walking in free agency. Should they wish, Lindor would be considered a monumental upgrade. But as previously mentioned, Philadelphia must commit to spending beyond Harper’s contract, or else such a move will be for naught.

What would it take for the Phillies to acquire Lindor?

In this case, we’ll say the Phillies are aiming for a prospect-focused package. Philadelphia’s farm system doesn’t have a high reputation around MLB, but they still have several top-100 prospects to choose from. To get Lindor, they’ll have to part with one of them.

Phillies Get

SS, Francisco Lindor

Indians Get

RHP, Mick Abel

RHP, Enyel De Los Santos

SS, Nick Maton

The Phillies would acquire another star, and perhaps one who’s just as reliable as Harper. In return, the Indians get Abel, who at just 19 is already a top-100 prospect. De Los Santos is essentially MLB-ready and a top-10 prospect in the Phillies system. Maton, a top-15 prospect and just 22 years of age, could be filler for Tyler Freeman in the minors when the Indians are ready to call up their shortstop of the future.

Even with the Phillies lower-ranked system, getting three top-15 prospects for Lindor is probably the best the Indians can hope for. Considering how desperate the Phillies are for a winner, it might be a match if Philly is committed to spend to win now.

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