Theo Epstein promises to buy Cubs fans beers for life in Wrigleyville

Theo Epstein is ready to have a few beers with Cubs fans.

The Chicago Cubs will enter a new era in 2021 as Theo Epstein decided to resign Tuesday. The man that helped end the title drought in Chicago is off for a new challenge, or perhaps even some time to rest and just enjoy life.

Epstein spoke with the media Tuesday and it was brought up how Jon Lester decided to take on a huge bar tab for Cubs fans earlier this month. The front office executive made it clear he will do something similar once it is safe to go out again.

Beers on Theo

There are some Cubs fans who may feel like Epstein’s teams didn’t do enough after winning it all in 2016. But the curse was lifted and as time passes his work should be much more appreciated.

For those who did enjoy his work, the goal now will be to seek him out at bars in order to have a chat and see if he comes through on his promise to buy some drinks. That is if he even stays in the area instead of deciding to take on a new job right away. He certainly does have plenty of suitors.

Epstein does have a caveat here as he explains it will be up to Jed Hoyer, the team’s new President, to take on this burden once he brings a World Series title back to Chicago. For Epstein’s sake, hopefully, it doesn’t take another 100 years.

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He is leaving on good terms and now the focus is on what team he will attempt to turn around next. Or maybe it should just be on what bars he frequents in order to take him up on his offer.

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