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Phillies hiring Theo Epstein would be the Braves worst nightmare

Now that Theo Epstein is looking to join a new team, Atlanta Braves fans everywhere can only hope he doesn’t head to Philadelphia. 

Baseball fans are still trying to process the breaking news from Tuesday afternoon, as it was announced Theo Epstein has stepped down as the Cubs president of baseball operations and will leave the team on Nov. 20.

With Epstein getting ready to leave Chicago, he’s already been linked with several clubs who could use his expert services. Well, what about the Philadelphia Phillies? The NL East club has disappointed in recent years, especially after bringing in Bryce Harper on his blockbuster deal.

A move to Philadelphia would fire up Phillies fans everywhere. At the same time, Atlanta Braves supporters must be praying to the baseball Gods that Epstein doesn’t make his way to town, because that would be terrible news for them.

A Theo Epstein move to Philadelphia would be a disaster for the Atlanta Braves

While with the Red Sox and Cubs, Epstein has proven to be a winner. He arrived to Chicago in 2011 and helped the club win its first World Series in 108 years. As soon as he joined the Cubs, Epstein was clearly focused on changing the culture of the club, which he was able to do with giant success.

Right now, the Phillies are coming off a horrid 2020 campaign in which they finished with a 28-32 record, seven games back of the NL East champion Braves. With stars like Harper, J.T. Realmuto and others, this club has the potential to make some serious noise in the NL.

Adding someone of Epstein’s caliber could prove to send them over the top, as he could step in and help the team add pieces needed to overtake the Braves in the division. Only time will tell where Epstein lands next, but if you’re in Atlanta, you’re surely hoping he joins the Mets, Red Sox or any other team not named the Phillies.

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