Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. looks so different after dramatic weight loss (Photo)

Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. took questions about his conditioning to heart.

The shortened MLB season put most players’ workout regimens in question, as they were forced to exert more energy over a shorter period of time. Only the most well-conditioned were left standing by the end. Guerrero, Jr. likely didn’t fit into that category.

Early this offseason, Guerrero, Jr. was down to about 250 pounds, but his goals don’t end there. Vladdy wants to keep testing his limits in hopes of staying at third base moving forward. The Blue Jays had been tossing around the idea of moving him to a different spot on the diamond bette suited for his body type.

“I finished the season more or less and put that in mind. I started with the slow swing and when I lost 20 pounds I started feeling better,” Guerrero Jr. said. “I learned after these months of the coronavirus that if you don’t work hard, you can’t be in the Major Leagues.”

Guerrero looks much thinner

A change in body type can have a tremendous impact on Vlad, Jr. Guerrero knows that he’s one lifestyle change away from becoming a household name in MLB.

“Why do [Fernando] Tatis and [Juan] Soto put up good numbers? Because they work hard. I got the hits I got because of the ability that God gave me. But I knew it from the beginning. I know I did it wrong,” Guerrero, Jr. said.

Guerrero, Jr. has had several flashy plays, but didn’t consistently put up the numbers he expected of himself when he made the jump to the majors. Vladdy has hit .269/.336/.442 with 24 home runs in 183 Major League games.

Altering his playing weight won’t instantly make him a Hall of Famer, but it shows that Guerrero, Jr. has what it takes to work for better production.

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