Mets trying to form a free agent superteam thanks to Steve Cohen

The Mets are reportedly looking to add several top free agents this offseason.

The New York Mets have a new owner in Steve Cohen and like most new arrivals in any front office he is promising big things. Cohen also has the fortune to back up his claims and is already setting his sights on spending a lot to win.

This offseason is a unique one, but there are still big-name players on the market. George Springer, J.T. Realmuto, and Trevor Bauer are all top free agents, while Francisco Lindor is available in a trade. It appears Cohen has his eyes set on at least one from that group if not more.

Mets open to spending big on free agents

Having eyes on top players is always a good thing. Mets fans just have to hope this isn’t a situation as what was seen with the Knicks where top players didn’t think the money was good enough to join what has been a somewhat dysfunctional organization. Even Cohen may have to prove he is different than the Wilpons before players believe.

Acquiring Lindor would be the one scenario where Cohen would have to spend big and also send away top members of the farm system. Focusing on the actual free agents may be a better place to start. Showing up and immediately sending away young talent is risky especially if Lindor doesn’t sign a new deal right away.

One thing that is plain to see if Cohen’s commitment to at least acting like an owner of a contending team. He bought a team in New York City and wants the Mets to be a powerhouse in the league, as they should be. Using his money to build a winner would help change the narrative surrounding the team in recent years. However, that money also has to result in winning for true change to occur.

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