Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Dodgers

Patrick Mahomes is Vin Scully’s favorite quarterback … because, duh!

The legendary Los Angeles Dodgers commentator spent his birthday watching his favorite quarterback — Patrick Mahomes.

This past Sunday was an important day for the professional sports world. Vin Scully, the legendary voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers, celebrated his 93rd birthday on this Earth. But just how does a legendary broadcaster like Scully spend his birthday? Why, by watching NFL football.

On Sunday, Scully watched the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers lose to the San Francisco 49ers and Buffalo Bills, respectively. Scully did, however, watch the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who wouldn’t watch that blockbuster game? As it turns out, Scully watched it because Patrick Mahomes is his favorite quarterback, Dodgers spokesman Steve Brener told the Associated Press.

Mahomes is many individual’s favorite quarterback

Who can blame Scully? Mahomes is arguably the most exciting player in the NFL to watch week-in and week-out.

The Chiefs-Buccaneers game was the fourth-meeting between Mahomes and Tom Brady, the six-time Super Bowl champion. Kansas City got off to an early start in the contest, as Mahomes and star receiver Tyreek Hill exploded in the first quarter, as the two connected for 203 yards and two touchdowns on seven receptions. All-in-all, Hill finished the game with 13 receptions, 269 yards and three scores on the day.

As for Mahomes, he solidified himself as a true once-in-a-generation quarterback. In the 27-24 win, Mahomes completed 37-of-49 pass attempts for 462 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions. This was Mahomes fourth game with 400-plus yards, three-plus touchdowns and zero picks, and he did so in just 42 career games. That’s simply an incredible feat.

While we’re sure Scully was thrilled to watch this historic performance, we guarantee it doesn’t top the Dodgers winning their first World Series in 1988. Come on, you know that’s in the top-tier for Scully.

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