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MLB rumors: 3 teams that should sign NPB star Tomoyuki Sugano

Tomoyuki Sugano

TOKYO, JAPAN – NOVEMBER 21: Tomoyuki Sugano #11 of Japan (Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images)

Tomoyuki Sugano, one of the most accomplished pitchers in Japan, might come to the MLB in 2021.

Japan’s NPB has consistently given the MLB some elite talent over the last few years, as ace starters like Masahiro Tanaka and Yu Darvish have continued their dominant ways over in the states. The next pitcher in line that could have a similar impact is the recently posted 31-year-old Tomoyuki Sugano, who has won the Japanese equivalent of the Cy Young Award twice.

Sugano, who has an absurd 2.34 ERA in eight seasons with the Yomiuri Giants of Japan, could help these three teams get the one ace they need to contend.

Tomoyuki Sugano could be a game-changer for these three contending teams


Los Angeles Angels

AL West

The Angels so enticing to Shohei Ohtani that he decided to snub several other contending teams in order to link up with Mike Trout in Anaheim. While Ohtani has been very impressive at the plate, injuries have limited his effectiveness on the mount. With Ohtani likely never going to be the No. 1 starter the Angels expected he could be, the Angels will need to pursue the free-agent market in order to find suitable pitchers. While Billy Eppler might be gone, not all of his cash-splashing ways should exit with him, and being aggressive could land the Angels Sugano.

Any team that is leaning on Dylan Bundy to carry the rotation, even after the good year he had, is being very optimistic about their rotation depth. While the lineup around Trout has often been a source of disappointment due to a poor farm system, spending on a pitcher like Sugano would help fix an even bigger problem on this roster. With Sugano not reliant on velocity and more at home using his low-90s shuuto in conjunction with a forkball, slider, and curveball, he looks like a durable veteran that could help the Angels right away.

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