Mets: James McCann deal is finally happening, apparently

The Mets are signing James McCann after several setbacks.

After several days of unknowns, the Mets are signing James McCann to a four-year deal. It just took awhile.

The McCann signing likely means the Mets are out on JT Realmuto in hopes of signing another big-name free agent. The approach makes sense from new owner Steve Cohen. While he’s promised major changes to the organization, it cannot come in one full swoop, and signing McCann suggests another major move — perhaps bringing in George Springer, or trading for Francisco Lindor — is on the horizon.

McCann is no slouch, either. He’s a former All-Star and a capable hitter in any lineup. For the Mets, such a move suggests a changing of the guard.

What could come next for the Mets?

New York is a major player for most high profile free agents, including the aforementioned Springer, who’s long been linked to Queens. Despite being over 30 years old, Springer is unlikely to settle for anything lower than a four or five-year deal. His trends also suggest Springer won’t deteriorate significantly over that time period, so expect the Mets to target him next.

The Mets being big spenders in free agency is a new look entering the 2020 offseason, but it’s one we ought to get used to. Cohen made a commitment to fans that he’s willing to spend to put a winning product on the field, and he obviously believes that the current version of the Mets is not up to par.

In an offseason where most teams aren’t willing to spend due to major financial losses in the shortened 2020 season, the Mets are one of the few franchises going against the grain.

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