Ian Happ is mad and calling out MLB owners

Chicago Cubs outfielder Ian Happ is not happy with MLB owners whatsoever and didn’t hold back in calling them out. 

Just when you thought the 2021 Major League Baseball season would start on time, there’s another labor issue on the table that could push things back. Right now, it’s looking like we may not see the regular season start until May if the MLB owners have their way.

As you might imagine, players across the league are not happy with the latest update and are demanding answers. Among those furious is Chicago Cubs outfielder Ian Happ. With his latest comments, the young slugger made it quite clear he and others are tired of what’s been going on.

Ian Happ calls out the MLB owners and no one can blame him for it

As you can see from Happ’s comments, he’s growing increasingly frustrated. It’s hard to blame him for that, as the players are continuously seeing plans for the season changing. As of now, the start date is completely up in the air.

A recent report from USA Today revealed that owners are hoping to push back Spring Training because they want all players and coaches to be vaccinated from the coronavirus. If this is the case, the season indeed wouldn’t start until May, and we’d be looking at around a 140-game campaign.

This is the last thing the players want, as their hope is for a full 162-game season to be played in 2021. Until things are finalized, you can expect there to be even more players who come out and blast the owners. With things not looking like they’re going to be agreed upon in the near future too, things very well could end up getting pretty ugly once again.

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