Mets GM makes it sound like George Springer signing is unlikely

George Springer might be slightly out of the Mets price range, if you can believe it.

Springer reportedly wants five years and over $175 million, both of which might be slightly more than the Mets want to offer. First off, Springer is on the wrong side of 30 years old, so that fifth year is undesirable to say the least. Second, Springer’s primary suitors to this point — the Mets and Blue Jays — haven’t been willing to meet his price point, with the Jays coming in at an even lower rate than New York.

So, could the Mets be preparing themselves for a backup plan? General manager Jed Hoyer’s comments would suggest just that.

It wouldn’t be very Steve Cohen-like to balk at a high price tag

Cohen buying the Mets changed the culture instantaneously. Rather than settling for second-best in the city that never sleeps, the Mets are now willing to out-spend their neighbors in the Bronx, and thus far this offseason, have done just that.

Despite all of that, their biggest acquisition this Winter has been Francisco Lindor via trade. Adding another big bat in Springer would make their lineup among the best in the National League. Of course, there’s a chance this is all pandering by the Mets front office. Every comment comes with a purpose, and an ulterior motive. If the Mets feel Springer’s price tag is far too high, then suggesting so to the public could help.

Thus far, the Mets are the highest bidder. While Toronto could step to the plate and up their offer at any point, New York has the advantage and this is likely just an attempt to get Springer to meet them in the middle. Yet, there is truth to Hoyer’s comments — the Mets could look elsewhere, as the outfield market is still plentiful at this point in free agency.

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