MLB trending toward extending radical rule changes to 2021 season

MLB is reportedly planning to keep some radical rules in place that initially showed up in 2020.

Major League Baseball had to get creative during the 2020 season. The final result was a 60-game MLB regular season featuring seven-inning doubleheaders, a runner on second base at the start of extra innings, and a universal DH rule in place.

The 2021 season is fast approaching, and USA Today’s Bob Nightengale is reporting some of these changes are here to stay.

MLB planning to keep changes in place

The report explains how fans should expect the extra-inning doubleheader rules to remain in place. However, universal DH is not a certainty yet because MLB essentially wants to offer it in exchange for an expanded postseason.

It will be interesting to see how the league operates in 2021 if they plan to play a full season. Logistics such as travel, fans in attendance and COVID protocols will all have to be worked out here in the next few months. Getting the actual rules in place is the first step to avoid any unnecessary holdups.

The universal DH rule makes too much sense after the league used it in 2020. Pitchers have not batted since 2019, and making them do it again in 2021, only to potentially change the rule in 2022, seems silly. But fans know this league doesn’t always operate according to logic.

Adding a DH in both leagues is something certain fans may be upset about if they truly love the National League rules. However, if the players are in favor of it, that is what matters most. It adds offense to the game and also means the World Series won’t be played under two different sets of rules.

The extra-inning and doubleheader rules still seem weird, but may end up going away once COVID is no longer hanging over society. Getting a full season in is the goal right now and these changes, while drastic to some, should help.

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