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Tigers pitcher Derek Holland has ridiculous take on A.J. Hinch and Astros scandal

Now that A.J. Hinch is the manager of the Detroit Tigers, Derek Holland doesn’t seem to care one bit about his cheating scandal with the Astros. 

Major League Baseball fans across the country remain furious with A.J. Hinch and the Houston Astros. The team’s sign-stealing scandal rocked the bigs, which led to Hinch and the Astros parting ways in January of 2020.

Hinch has since landed with the Detroit Tigers, taking over as the team’s skipper. While Hinch still has plenty of haters out there, pitcher Derek Holland isn’t one of them. Matter of fact, the hurler is basically acting like things never happened now. What in the world?

Derek Holland trying to brush aside the Houston Astros scandal is a joke

As you can see from Holland’s quote above, he’s ready to move forward and just forget about how the Astros cheated their way to a World Series win. It goes without saying, but Holland’s take is sure to anger countless folks out there.

Of course he’s going to show support to his new manager, but this isn’t just going to be wiped off Hinch’s resume.

“But, again, I don’t care about the scandal, all that bull [expletive],” Holland said. “That stuff is over. He already dealt with that. It’s time to focus on a new chapter.”

If you’re shaking your head at Holland for saying that, we assure you that you’re not alone. The sign-stealing scandal completely changed the game as we know it, with many out there wishing there was a time machine to prevent Houston from ever winning it all.

Now, Hinch has been given a second chance with the Tigers. He’ll look to help get the team back on track, but Holland thinking we’re all just going to forget about what he did with Houston is nothing short of ludicrous.

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