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MLB rumors: Mets have 1 big hurdle in Trevor Bauer negotiations

The Mets reportedly have some competition in the quest for Trevor Bauer.

The New York Mets have an owner in Steve Cohen who is committed to spending to win. The team has already acquired Francisco Lindor this offseason and Trevor Bauer may be next up on the wishlist.

Bauer had said in the past he was only going to accept one-year deals. He has appeared to change that tune, for his own benefit, and should get a massive deal sooner than later. The Mets appear to be one team ready to pay whatever it takes to land the fiery right-hander. However, one report says they may have some legitimate competition.

Angels may compete with Mets for Bauer

The Los Angeles Angels are routinely one of the biggest spenders in the league, but have made the playoffs only once in Mike Trout’s career. They clearly want to win and adding Bauer could help accomplish that goal.

Baseball’s financial structure allows rich owners to outspend other rich owners for star players. The two owners getting into a bidding war is great news for Bauer and for other top free agents in general.

The Angels are paying a fortune to Albert Pujols, Anthony Rendon, and Mike Trout in 2021. Pujols does come off the books in 2022, allowing for Bauer to take his spot with a comparable annual salary.

Bauer wanting to win a World Series may end up factoring into his decision as well. Both the Mets and Angels are looking to add him and end postseason droughts. He would play in a big market either way and he is faced with a choice that is one plenty of players would love to have in that regard.

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