Insane stat proves Cardinals really do have the luckiest fanbase

The St. Louis Cardinals have truly been blessed with some incredible managers and players over the years for fans to enjoy. 

Those long-suffering St. Louis Cardinals fans… is something you’ll never hear a baseball supporter say ever. Undoubtedly one of the best franchises out there, the Cardinals have truly been blessed with some incredible players and managers over the years.

It’s at a point where every generation has experience a Hall of Famer. I mean, that’s just insane. How have things gotten even better for the team? Well, the front office went out and traded for Nolan Arenado earlier this week.

St. Louis Cardinals fans really have been blessed with some incredible players

Imagine being a Cardinals fan and not being grateful. It’s impossible. Hey, you could have a team like the Seattle Mariners, who haven’t been to the postseason since 2001 and have provided nothing but heartbreak for fans ever since.

Adding Arenado to the lineup really is a massive blessing. He’s one of the best infielders in the game, known for his incredible defense and hitting abilities at the dish. With Arenado now headed to St. Louis, the Cards really feel like the odds-on favorites to win the NL Central.

The Arenado addition is of course terrible news for the Cubs, Reds, Brewers and others. Just when you thought St. Louis couldn’t get any better, they go out and bring in Arenado. The rich get richer.

Come next season, don’t be surprised to see the team in a position to compete for a World Series title. Should that happen, the Cards would proudly call themselves 12-time World Series champs, bringing home their first title since 2011. It’s been a long 10 years, but St. Louis fans care surely start to dream.

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