MLB: Players tell owners to let the kids play by rejecting proposal

The MLBPA decided to reject the MLB proposal to delay the 2021 season so it is business as usual this year.

MLB and the MLBPA have gone back and forth all offseason over how to handle the upcoming 2021 season.

The latest proposal from the owners was to delay the start of the season into late April and shorten the slate to 154 games. They also wanted to keep the expanded postseason from 2020 and also the universal DH. The MLBPA has decided to decline such a deal and we are back on a normal schedule for the 2021 campaign.

Players just want to play

One thing to note is that the current collective bargaining agreement expires following the 2021 season. So while the owners wanted to install an expanded postseason in exchange for a universal DH, the players can bargain for the latter next winter.

The lack of salary protections under MLB’s proposal was an obvious problem for the players, as was the lack of their normal rest days. Being on a normal schedule should also allow more time to make-up games if there are COVID-related cancellations. The MLB proposal would have meant more built-in doubleheaders in general.

Rejecting this proposal sets the stage for Spring Training to begin as usual later this month.

All fans care about at this point is when the season will begin. The 2020 season arguably started later than it should have because of squabbling between the owners and players. Hopefully, this latest news puts an end to arguing in 2021, at least until a new CBA needs to be negotiated.

MLB did end up releasing a response that said they will go forth with the normal schedule.

Now all that needs to take place is both sides agreeing on health and safety protocols. For the good of everyone’s sanity, let’s hope that is a quick process.

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