Mets can’t possibly give into Jackie Bradley, Jr’s crazy contract demands

Jackie Bradley, Jr. might need to temper his free agency expectations.

Considering we’re just a few short months before Opening Day, perhaps JBJ and his agent Scott Boras ought to stop playing hardball. This isn’t an insult towards Bradley, Jr. by any means, but the slow pace of free agency this offseason due to somewhat lacking revenue has forced some players to take less than their worth. Bradley is a classic example of a player who could be forced to take a short-term deal in hopes of cashing in when the time is right.

That time is not now, regardless of what team he’s negotiating with. Enter the Mets, and billionaire owner Steve Cohen, who is desperate to provide Queens with a consistent winner. New York couldn’t possibly be willing to meet Bradley, Jr.’s long-term contract demands, right?

Mets would be insane to sign Bradley, Jr. to that kind of deal

While I have no real evidence, this feels like a leak from Boras’ end in hopes of securing at least a multi-year offer for Bradley, Jr. It’s no secret that the Mets need an outfielder, and due to their continued interest in JBJ, they’re likely his greatest hope at getting more than a one-year deal.

Bradley, Jr. won a Gold Glove as recently as 2018. He’s an above-average defender, and a decent hitter who can provide consistent speed out of the batter’s box. In a shortened 2020 season, JBJ hit .283 in 55 games with the Red Sox last season. His splits suggest he’ll project more in the .240-.250 range long-term, but he’s worth signing and stashing in the bottom half of the lineup. He’ll certainly make some highlights in the outfield, and can play all three spots behind the infield if necessary.

Nonetheless, the Mets would be silly to fall for this contract ploy, should it prove true.

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