MLB fans troll Mets for losing out on Trevor Bauer at the last minute

MLB fans trolled the Mets after losing Trevor Bauer to the Dodgers at the last possible minute.

The Trevor Bauer sweepstakes have reportedly come to an end with the news he is signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Jon Heyman was first with the announcement and MLB fans immediately took to Twitter to react.

Specifically, plenty of people were trolling the New York Mets after it appeared he was headed there on a deal worth over $100 million.

Fans troll the Mets over Bauer

There was even a point in time when reports were dropping saying Bauer to the Mets was a done deal. So much for that. Now the Dodgers have one of the most formidable pitching staffs in all of baseball and fans in New York are left wondering if the team truly can land any free agent they want.

Some Mets fans are tweeting about how they are actually happy Bauer didn’t sign there. That is a sharp change after there was so much excitement about him as of Friday afternoon.

Bauer will now be an enemy in New York. But he won’t care about that because he is joining the defending champions in search of his first World Series title. The Mets will now have to regroup and try to make a few more additions before the start of the season with all the money they were going to commit to Bauer.

The drama is officially over and every team that had interest in Bauer can move forward. The Dodgers used their unlimited budget to land the Cy Young winner and now the Mets can try to do the same with a different player.

Being jilted is never easy and Mets fans are not going to react with much joy. The trolling will only continue and you can expect Bauer to be booed heavily the first time he takes the mount at Citi Field.

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