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Alex Anthopoulos hints Braves ‘could add to the bullpen’

Alex Anthopoulos suggests that the Atlanta Braves could add a piece or two to their bullpen.

Though the Atlanta Braves have one of the better rosters in baseball, general manager Alex Anthopoulos believes he could be making a move or two to round out his club’s bullpen.

“With no DH, our position players are pretty much set,” said Anthopoulos to FOX 5’s Cody Chaffins. “Mark Marcell [Ozuna] in left. Centerfield is going to be a competition. Right field, [Ronald Acuña Jr.]. Acuña could play centerfield as well. If Acuña does slide to center, we could get another outfielder. In terms of the infield, that is pretty much set. We can always add to the bullpen.”

“We feel pretty good about the rotation at this point. I think now it is more just being opportunistic. If we think, you know, there is a player out there that makes sense, good value and so on, we’ll do it.”

“But again, I’ve said this before. We’re not going to force a deal. There is a very real scenario that you might just see some minor league signings, things like that, and this is group we go into spring [training] with.”

What pieces could round out Alex Anthopoulos’ 2021 Atlanta Braves bullpen?

While the Braves could venture deep into the free-agent market, possibly sign guys to minor league deals like he suggested to Chaffins, there are three arms from last year’s bullpen who remain unsigned: Shane Greene, Mark Melancon and Darren O’Day. Bringing back any of them would be very much in line with Anthopoulos’ run-it-back approach in 2021 MLB free agency.

Anthopoulos traded for Greene and Melancon at the MLB trade deadline two years ago. Both were critical pieces in Atlanta getting its bullpen right two seasons ago. They have had great success in Atlanta in a year and change of service for the Braves. O’Day is the oldest of the bunch, but he too could add veteran leadership and experience to a Braves bullpen that is a tad too green right now.

Look for Anthopoulos to make at least one more move this winter before spring training begins.

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