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Did Andrew Benintendi just take a shot at the Red Sox?

Andrew Benintendi’s comment will take the Red Sox by surprise.

Benintendi played a major role in Boston’s 2018 World Series run. The former top prospect hasn’t lived up to his star potential just yet, but he’s still just 26 years of age, though coming off his worst season as a pro.

Now a Kansas City Royal, Benintendi’s introductory zoom did include some looking back, as is natural for a player of his caliber. When asked about his excitement regarding the move to KC, Benintendi revealed his excitement.

When Benintendi says “it’s nice to be wanted”, he’s not necessarily calling out Chaim Bloom for shopping him for months. Though, that has to play a role in such a feeling, no?

The Red Sox were right to trade Andrew Benintendi now

Sure, Benintendi was coming off his worst season, but with his contract up in a few years, his value was only going to go down from this point forward. At his best, Benintendi can offer middle of the lineup potential, and decent defense for a corner outfielder.

Benintendi offers the Royals a more established outfield presence than Franchy Cordero, who is going to Boston in return. In a less stressful environment, perhaps Benintendi can reestablish himself as one of the better young outfielders in the game.

Boston received three prospects in return along with Cordero and former Mets reliever Josh Winckowski. Those PTBNL better pan out or else Bloom could be kicking himself in several years time.

For Benintendi, his time in Boston will always be valued, as it brought another World Series to a town which, despite its previously-long title drought, is now accustomed to greatness on a regular basis.

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