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Blake Snell has perfect reply to tweet roasting the Rays for World Series blunder

Blake Snell hasn’t forgotten about Kevin Cash pulling him early in the World Series.

The last time Blake Snell pitched for the Tampa Bay Rays, manager Kevin Cash pulled him abruptly and then they went on to lose the 2020 World Series to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

On National Roast Day on Twitter, Wendy’s asked for brave souls to be willingly roasted by the fast-food chain’s account online. The Rays decided to take one for the team. Wendy’s responded to the Rays’ roast request with, “We’re surprised you didn’t pull your social media manager in middle of writing that great tweet.”

Fittingly, the new San Diego Padres pitcher noticed it, too.

The only way to heal a sick burn like this is with a frozen Frosty

Shortly after the Boys in Blue won the 2020 Fall Classic, Snell and his multi-year contract were dealt to the Friars for some prospects and a bucket of baseballs. Snell will once again contend for a trip to the World Series on his new team, while the Rays will have to take a sick burn from Wendy’s in stride. Hopefully, it does not burn as bad as the spicy nuggets they were referring to.

San Diego will fight for divisional supremacy with the rival Dodgers in the NL West. Though the small-market Rays do a better job of reloading with pennies on the dollar contracts, odds are Snell will get to another World Series before they do. If we want to put a wager on this, it has to be with spicy nuggets and Frosties on the line. If this does not pique your interest, what will, honestly?

While Snell and Wendy’s just won on Twitter, the Rays got roasted alive on National Roast Day.

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