Francisco Lindor shows up to Mets Spring Training in Coming to America jacket (Photo)

Francisco Lindor showed up to Mets Spring Training wearing the perfect jacket to rank high on the “gets us” meter.

The New York Mets trading for Francisco Lindor signaled a new era for fans of the franchise. Excitement and expectations are high and Lindor is expected to be a top reason why the Mets are true contenders in 2021.

Anyone who has followed the shortstop’s career knows he has a fun personality. That was on display down at Mets Spring Training when he decided to show up in a replica jacket straight out of the film Coming to America.

Francisco Lindor fitting in perfectly with the Mets

He even dropped the “good morning, my neighbors” line and got a much better response than Eddie Murphy’s character did in the film.

Lindor is a star of the game and is going to get even more national attention now that he is playing in New York City. Wearing this jacket is a simple action that will go a long way with fans already excited about his play on the field.

Lindor always seems to be smiling and it is obvious why the league markets him as a star. However, MLB still has a long way to go in catching up with other top leagues in terms of promoting stars of the game.

The Mets made the World Series in 2015 and it seemed like a new era had been ushered in. Failed expectations and dysfunction followed and led the Wilpon family to sell the team to Steve Cohen. That truly brought in a new era and Lindor is the face of the potential turnaround.

In the meantime, it will be fun to see what else he shows up wearing to honor his new city.

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