Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies

Maskless fan kicked out of Tigers-Phillies spring training game

A fan was just kicked out of the Tigers-Phillies spring training game because he was spotted in the stands without a mask. 

Baseball is back and spring training has everyone excited for what the 2021 MLB campaign will be able to bring us. Fortunately for fans, attendance is allowed at a limited capacity so they can check out the action. However, there are some rules that need to be followed.

Among them is wearing a mask while in the stands to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus among those on hand. Well, one man decided to ignore those rules and found out the hard way that such a decision will immediately result in being escorted out.

Security escorted a fan out from a spring training game because he refused to wear a mask

If you were expecting a drama-free game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Detroit Tigers over the weekend, that surely wasn’t the case. Fans feel lucky to be let into games right now, particularly with things being done not at full capacity.

This fan in particular decided he was too cool to wear a mask and security wasn’t going to let him get away with it. He clearly was furious that he had to leave, but this will certainly be a lesson for him: He’s not above the law.

Once the regular season arrives, fans across the country will also be let inside stadiums at a limited capacity, but there will most certainly be social distancing involved and everyone inside will be expected to wear their masks as well. There will be no special treatment for anyone.

Let’s hope that the rest of spring training can go without any additional incidents like the one we saw at the Tigers vs. Phillies showdown.

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