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Mets: This 22-pitch walk is something you need to see (Video)

Luis Guillorme did something truly amazing at the plate, as the New York Mets second baseman drew a 22-pitch walk from St. Louis Cardinals right-hander Jordan Hicks.

If you have two minutes and 20 seconds to spare, you need to watch New York Mets second baseman Luis Guillorme draw a 22-pitch walk on St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jordan Hicks. It is truly a sight to behold.

In a game that did not count, we probably just saw the greatest base on balls feat to have graced this earth since 3-foot-7 Eddie Gaedel played for the then-St. Louis Browns. The only two “major” differences were this Mets walk came at the other St. Louis team’s expense and it took more than five times the amount of pitches to get Guillorme to first base. Gaedel only needed four to do it.

Nobody earned a free pass more than the New York Mets second baseman

Life is all about accomplishing things. Guillorme may have already done a lot in his life and plans to do more, but this is the apex for him, if we’re being honest. How many other humans in the history of the planet can say they drew a 22-pitch walk in a game that did not count? Well, you know what? This base on balls counts in the hearts of millions. We are so proud of you, Luis! So proud.

I’m not saying this is the best thing to happen to the Mets since 1986, but I am also saying that. From Jesse Orosco celebrating on the mound, to Ray Knight scoring that run, to Mookie Wilson believing in dinosaurs to help him get out of a slump, this walk by Guillorme was the greatest walk since Run DMC remixed “Walk This Way” with Aerosmith. It was that monumental.

Guillorme was feeling more 22 than Taylor Swift and this has to be his Mets jersey number now.

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