White Sox: 1 perfect free agent replacement for Eloy Jimenez

The White Sox should target one veteran in particular to replace the injured Eloy Jimenez in 2021.

The Chicago White Sox received some terrible news Thursday. Rising star Eloy Jimenez is set to miss 5-6 months with a ruptured pectoral tendon.

That is a huge blow to the lineup and to the team’s optimism heading into the 2021 season. The White Sox should now act fast in order to replace Jimenez both in the lineup and in the field. Free agent Yoenis Cespedes stands out as an obvious target.

White Sox should give Yoenis Cespedes a call

The 35-year-old Cespedes held a showcase for teams earlier this offseason and so far remains on the open market.

The White Sox already have one Cespedes on the roster in Yoelqui Cespedes, who is Yoenis’ younger half-brother. The young outfielder was a top international signing earlier this year and was immediately a top prospect in the system.

But right now the team could use a proven player like the older Cespedes. He can come in on short notice and provide some stability in left field while the White Sox figure out how to move forward without Jimenez. He should be able to be signed on a rather minimal deal after his abrupt exit from the New York Mets last season.

A change of scenery could do wonders for Cespedes after an up-and-down tenure with the Mets. The team may also like to have him around to work alongside his brother.

One initial concern is his desire to play after he basically ghosted the Mets last season. However, the two-time All-Star and former Gold Glove winner holding a showcase seems to point toward a desire to get back on the field.

Losing Jimenez is a brutal blow this close to the start of the season. Replacing him with Cespedes would be a nice consolation on what would be a prove-it deal over the first few months of the season.

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