Nationals: DC Streetcar plays off awful Bryce Harper graphic as April Fools’ joke

DC Streetcar tried to cover up a funny graphics mistake featuring Bryce Harper in a Nationals uniform by saying it was all an April Fools’ joke.

April Fools’ Day is always a weird one on social media. There is a long history of terrible “jokes” that didn’t land and others that come across as downright confusing. DC Streetcar entered its name onto that list Thursday with a tweet featuring Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals that was straight out of the past.

The initial tweet was deleted, but Awful Announcing ran a story that featured the screenshot in all its glory.

DC Streetcar claims they were joking with Bryce Harper graphic

The claim of it all being a joke came shortly after with a graphic that showcased someone actually on the team in 2021.

It seems obvious to say that this was no joke. A more likely scenario was snagging a Harper graphic that was saved somewhere and not even thinking twice. But Twitter is not a forgiving place and this became a story for an account usually focused on public transportation. Making the mistake on April 1 simply provided the easiest out.

The situation only got weirder as MLB postponed the entire season-opening series against the New York Mets because of positive COVID tests. So the entire graphic was a mess from the start and DC Streetcar may want to update its social media team on the current state of the Nationals franchise.

All they need is a picture of Juan Soto saved on the desktop and everything should be smooth sailing from here on out.

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