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Trevor Bauer calls out MLB for suspending Nick Castellanos

Trevor Bauer came to Nick Castellanos’ defense following his suspension.

Nick Castellanos got himself into quite the situation over the weekend. He essentially incited a brawl on his own by celebrating and staring down St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jake Woodford. Yadier Molina was not happy and the shoving began.

Castellanos himself did not initiate any physical contact. But MLB decided to slap him with a two-game suspension anyway. The outspoken Trevor Bauer called out the league for its decision.

Trevor Bauer mocks MLB for Nick Castellanos suspension

The fact Castellanos did not physically start the brawl doesn’t seem to matter to MLB. They believe he incited the situation and the league also doesn’t want teams congregating on the field like they did Saturday. COVID-19 has not magically disappeared and the Washington Nationals are proof of that.

But at what point does celebrating turn into a suspension? If a pitcher retaliates for a bat flip, the batter still technically started the situation. There would not have been a brawl Saturday if Molina simply laughed off Castellanos reacting in such a way.

Bauer frequently calls out MLB and while that annoys some fans. It certainly isn’t hurting his bank account. The league has plenty of problems marketing top talent and discouraging celebrations goes along with that reality.

What Castellanos did happens all the time in the NBA and NFL. The difference is that the benches don’t clear every time there is a minor altercation. And in hockey they settle their issues with some fisticuffs.

Castellanos appealed his suspension, but it would be a surprise if MLB decides to take it away. The league believes he incited a brawl at a time when COVID-19 protocols remain in place. While Bauer has a point, this situation has some other factors in play that make a successful appeal difficult.

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