Houston Astros, Los Angeles Angels

A fan threw a blow-up trash can on the field at Angels-Astros game, because of course (Video)

One Angels fan took the Astros trolling to a whole new level Monday night.

The Houston Astros opened the season in Oakland and immediately took on a barrage of heckles and insults from the home crowd. That was to be expected, but the Astros got the last laugh with a four-game sweep of the A’s.

The jeers continued Monday night in Los Angeles and it is now clear fans all over baseball are not going to let up in 2021. Nor should they. One Angels fan even set the bar high in terms of reminding the Astros of what they did.

Angels fan throws inflatable trash can on the field

This is amazing. The team famously banged on trash cans to let their batters know what pitch was coming and the lack of player punishments for the scandal has fans furious. No punishments, no problem. The public shaming is just getting started in 2021.

The entire organization in Houston got off incredibly easy in 2020 after trying to simply move on from a monumental cheating scandal. That is not how scandals go and fans may have so much fun with the jeering that it could continue on for years.

The Angels were able to back-up the atmosphere with a victory as well. Unlike the A’s, whose fans could not will the team to do much of anything in the season-opening series.

Trash cans should be a common theme at Astros road games this season. Fans will be banging on them and may even dress up like one. We also know inflatable trash cans are a thing now.

Do the Astros deserve this? Well, this isn’t even really that bad. Actual suspensions and bans would have been up for debate. But inflatable trash cans? If the Astros can’t laugh at that then they truly are just the worst.

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