Trevor Bauer takes aim at ‘national gossip bloggers’ following MLB investigation news

Trevor Bauer responded to a report that he is under MLB investigation for potentially doctored baseballs.

The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal dropped a bit of a bombshell Thursday night with a report saying MLB is investigating several baseballs used by Los Angeles Dodgers ace Trevor Bauer in his last start.

Bauer did not take long to respond on Twitter and offered up some strongly-worded tweets in his own defense.

Trevor Bauer calls out reporters and defends himself

So it would appear Bauer is calling Rosenthal a “gossip blogger” in his tweets. That is a bit harsh, but not out of character for the right-hander.

One important note from Bauer is that MLB is looking at baseballs used by pitchers all around the league as the 2021 season gets underway. That is true. However, Rosenthal’s report mentions how the ones taken from Bauer’s start had suspicious markings on them. That is the difference here.

Bauer actually doctoring baseballs would be shocking given how strongly he spoke out on the matter the past several years. He also prides himself on using actual science to improve his game. So if he is indeed innocent, it has to be frustrating to see his name trend on Twitter in this way.

MLB is going to conduct its investigation and Bauer has already called out the entire situation as ridiculous. Fans will just have to wait and see how this plays out.

The league may also want to check in on who leaked the information to the media. While it is good access for fans, there can’t be reports dropping every time the league looks into a matter like this. That defeats the entire purpose of a confidential system, as Bauer mentioned.

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