Giants: Johnny Cueto threw a pitch like Charles Barkley’s golf swing (Video)

San Francisco Giants ace Johnny Cueto is the equivalent of Charles Barkley on the mound.

If you ever wanted to see somebody unintentionally recreate Charles Barkley’s “beautiful” golf swing in another sport, look no further than what San Francisco Giants right-hander Johnny Cueto did on the mound.

The side-by-side comparison is chock-full of some cringeworthy hesitation. This was about as awkward as Barkley picking Allen Iverson over the field in his mock NBA All-Star Game over a decade ago. There are plenty of ways to be a knucklehead, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Cueto’s impersonation of Barkley was so spot-on that he will never be able to recreate it.

Once you see it, you are never going to be able to unsee it.

San Francisco Giants ace Johnny Cueto is the MLB’s version of Charles Barkley

Even with a hesitation-filled delivery that would be right at home in Japan, Cueto pitched brilliantly vs. the NL West rival Colorado Rockies on Friday afternoon. He went 8.2 innings, allowing four hits and one earned run while walking one and striking out seven. San Francisco won the ballgame 3-1 to improve to 4-3 on the 2021 MLB season. The Giants do not win without their knucklehead.

There are so many things that Barkley is known for. In addition to not being a role model, his golf swing is right up there. As for Cueto, he had been the longtime ace in Cincinnati and now in San Francisco. Besides trying to take spite naps in the outfield because the deejay’s music selection is subpar, this will be what people will remember about Cueto long after he hangs up the spikes.

When two knuckleheads collide, you get a fist bump, which will make everybody happy.

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