Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics

Athletics attempts to troll Astros are getting more pathetic by the day

The Oakland Athletics have been trying to get inside Houston’s head in their series and Sunday’s attempt was nothing short of embarrassing. 

On Sunday, the Houston Astros and Oakland Athletics are wrapping up their season-opening four-game series, one that’s been dominated by the visiting club. Oakland has tried to troll Houston throughout the series, but they haven’t been able to get the job done.

For Game 4, the A’s tried taking things to a new level in the trolling department, but they’ve failed miserably. Seriously, Houston fans are only going to be able to smile and shake their heads at this pathetic effort.

Oakland’s attempt to troll the Astros on Sunday was an absolute joke

What in the world was Oakland thinking here? While they were trying to savage their AL West rivals, they’ve ended up looking terribly here. Look, we get that teams and supporters are going to try and go after Houston throughout the season and for years to come after the sign-stealing scandal. With that said, can we get a little more creative than this?

To make matters worse for the Athletics, Houston indeed has been sensational to start the season, claiming wins in the first three games of the campaign. While the Athletics are hoping to repeat as division champs this year, Houston has come out swinging and sent a major message not only to Oakland, but Los Angeles, Seattle and Texas as well.

The Astros might be one of the biggest villains in baseball, but there’s no denying their lineup and rotation have them in prime shape to compete for another World Series title this fall. If Oakland wants to take them down, or make an actual attempt at trying to rattle them, they’re going to have to better than what they’ve showcased this weekend.

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