Joe Musgrove’s only superstition during his no-hitter was holding in his pee

Joe Musgrove had no superstitions after throwing the San Diego Padres’ first no-hitter, except for one.

There had only been one team left to never have a pitcher throw a no-hitter, and that was the San Diego Padres. On Friday night, the team shed that embarrassing distinction, as Joe Musgrove threw a no-no on the road in the Padres’ 3-0 win over the Texas Rangers.

As is the case with any pitching gem of this nature, many were wondering what superstitions Musgrove had to ensure his no-hitter remained in tact. When speaking with the media following the game, Musgrove said the only thing he was battling was the urge to go to the bathroom, which he said began in the fourth or fifth inning.

Padres: Joe Musgrove drank 11-12 bottles of water during no-hitter

Musgrove revealed that he drank 11 or 12 bottles of water during the no-hitter. Despite having to go to the bathroom around the fourth inning, Musgrove held it in and proceeded to mow down the Rangers lineup. The decision, obviously, paid off for the right-hander.

In the Friday evening contest, Musgrove recorded 10 strikeouts, 10 fly-outs and seven ground balls on 112 total pitches. What prevented Musgrove from recording the illustrious perfect game was that he issued a hit by pitch to Rangers slugger Joey Gallo in the fourth inning.

To make this feat even greater for Musgrove is that he grew up in San Diego County, and he recorded the first no-hitter for his hometown team. He also did so in his second start for the Padres after being acquired via a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates this offseason.

The no-hitter curse has officially ended for the Padres, and it is all thanks to Musgrove and his ability to remain in the dugout throughout his start.

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