1 year into the pandemic and Brian Snitker still doesn’t know how to wear a mask (Video)

Braves manager Brian Snitker was struggling with the simple task of wearing his mask while arguing a call Sunday night.

The Atlanta Braves are likely still furious about the way Sunday night’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies ended. Alec Bohm was clearly thrown out at the plate, only for the umpires to call him safe. The play was even reviewed and not overturned, forcing Braves manager Brian Snitker to run onto the field in anger.

The entire sequence was a disaster and bad for MLB on national television. The situation only got weirder as Snitker kept struggling to do the simple task of wearing his mask over his nose and mouth.

Brian Snitker struggling with a mask is just bizarre

The league is having managers wear masks and that seems simple enough. But for some reason managers and coaches around the sports world seem to think they need to pull their mask down to speak to just about anyone.

Snitker takes it to a whole new level by first having his nose and mouth exposed. He then slaps the mask nearly over his eyes, only to pull it down way too far again.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of whether managers need to wear masks. However, MLB is mandating masks and that means pulling it down is just unacceptable, especially when getting in an umpire’s face. The fact this was the showcase game of the week makes the mask-wearing that much more of an issue.

MLB may be giving Snitker a call to remind him about the simple task of leaving the mask on when entering the field of play. It is not like this is some new policy like it was last season.

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